Photographic Breaks
Barry Payling is one of Great Britain's foremost landscape photographers, his photographs of the English Lake District and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland are renowned.
He has intimate knowledge of "Wild Britain" and these breaks are designed to let you enter this magical world.
You will visit areas far removed from everyday life. The pace of the break is dictated by you - unless the light does it for you. Sometimes when the light is changing rapidly you remain in one spot and wait for that moment of magic.
Barry Payling Photographic Breaks are primarily concerned with being out on location - capturing images in your camera - not using Photoshop or manipulation.
There is a minimum group size of four people and a maximum of eight on the breaks and you are not restricted to the breaks we show on this website (see our Facebook page).
If you would like to name your own location and period of break we will try and meet your requirements, as long as there is a minimum of four people in your group.
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